Does electrolysis work?
Consistency is the key to effective electroylsis treatments. Hair growth develops at different stages so it is important the client follow the plan that the electrologist suggests.

What is electrolysis?
   Electrolysis is a method of permanent hair removal by means of electrical current which when applied destroys the hair follicle.  Depending on the technique, whether by heat or chemical action the follicle is destroyed.

Does electrolysis hurt?
   Everyone has a different tolerance level to electrolysis. Certain areas are more sensitive than others. With advanced computer assisted technology and the skill of the technician,electrolysis is more effective and comfortable than ever.

What areas can be treated?
  All parts of the body can be treated except mucous membrane,inside of ears and nasal area.

How long are sessions?
   Treatment sessions can last as long as 15 minutes to one hour depending on what areas are being treated.

How much does it cost?
   Compared to other temporary methods of hair removal,electrolysis is still the most cost effective method.
   Electrolysis is an investment in yourself providing a feeling of well being and self esteem.
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